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Welcome at the website of Ria Hörter

Dog Writer and Contributing Editor of Dog Magazines




                                                                                     Ria Hörter - Foto: Marinus Nijhoff jr.





  • Dog Writer for several Dog Magazines
  • Writer of articles about pedigree dogs and their history, show reports, translation of English and German articles in Dutch and vice versa





  • Breeder of many Show Champions in The Netherlands and abroad 1977-2002 ('van Snellestein' and 'of Rowan's Residence')




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Gouden Erespeld van de Nederlandse Kynologie

Op 12 april 2014 werd Ria Hörter, namens de Raad van Beheer
op Kynologisch Gebied in Nederland, door vice-voorzitter John Wauben onderscheiden met de toekenning van de "Gouden Erespeld van de Nederlandse Kynologie".


Gold Emblem of Honour


On April 12, 2014, Ria Hörter was awarded the
"Dutch Cynology Gold Emblem of
Honour". The award was presented by John Wauben, Vice-Chairman of the Dutch Kennel Club.



Ria Hörter:


Nominated for her series "Masterminds”

published in “Dogs in Canada”.



Finalist in the "2009 Annual Writing Competition
of the Dog Writers Association of America".


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